Wedding entrance songs


You have started planning your wedding and you are now facing a critical decision. Which wedding entrance song will you choose for the big moment of your spouse and you? Our experience shows that this decision may not come so easy for a couple. Some couples have their “own song” that relates to an important moment of their relationship. But some others don’t or they don’t wish to share it with friends and family. Don’t get stressed over it. Just follow these three steps and you will definitely find a song you are both happy with.

Pick a music genre you both like

Opposites do often attract and it may very well be that you two do not share the same music preferences. Be open about it and discuss until you find a genre you both like. Allow for some time to listen to various songs together and on your own. Don’t succumb to any stereotypes that a wedding entrance song should be that or the other. What matters most is that this song makes you happy and ties in with your wedding character! You may choose differently for a beach wedding and for a posh wedding reception. Or maybe not…

Carefully listen to the lyrics

No matter what was your journey to the moment you decided to officially join your destinies, there is a song about it! As you hear candidate wedding entrance songs, pay closer attention to the lyrics. If something you listen to, makes you emotional, then your goal is achieved. You have a wedding entrance song.

Listen to the experts

After you have chosen your song, sit down and discuss it with your wedding DJ or bandleader. Also, share it with your wedding planner. These people will help you picture the moment of your entrance and stage this moment in relation to the venue and the spirit of your event. The DJ is a key person in this process as he will assist you in picking the right version of the song to secure the impact you are after.

Last but not least! Start the process well before the wedding. It may take you a long while to reach a decision you are both happy with. There is absolutely no reason to stress over that too!